The weather reports have been consistent – we were due to have snow.  It was suppose to start as rain and turn to snow late in the day into the evening.

I got to the gym late this morning – unusual but unavoidable.  Got in a good workout – Workout A – the Heavy one.  After all the checking around about the weight of the bars, I made sure that I used the heaviest bar for my dead lifts.  Have no idea whether any of my prior efforts were with this bar.  No matter.  I ended up doing 10 reps with the bar only – as a warm up.  Then added 2-45s and did 8 reps.  Finally added another 2-35’s for a total of 160 in plates and 44+ for the bar and did 4 reps.  Happy.  Contemplated doing the 225 today but decided that I was not prepared – neither my mind nor my body were ready.

Headed home and had breakfast.  Tried to get onto the 52DC forum.  Could not get there.  I had tried before I left for the gym and was also unable to make it happen.  I have now tried from two different computers in two different locations – and in a dozen different methods – nothing – can not access the MH forums.  I will keep trying.  ETA: Got on at 1:30pm.  Given the light traffice, I am probably not the only one who had trouble.

Started running errands at 10.  By 11, I was at Costco in a long gas line.  The light rain was turning thick.  By the time I got gas and parked to go into the store, it was snowing and cold.  The store was jammed.

At 12 noon, I was making my way through the parking lot in a snow storm.  The drive home was not fun.  I am sitting here watching the snow accumulate.  There is excess of an inch on my deck.  It is sticking to the driveway.  This was not supposed to happen until tonight.

It is not even Halloween and we are having a classic Nor’easter.  WTF is going on. 

Tomorrow night I have a Halloween party at friends.  I will make up a batch of the TNT Chili – from the book.  At least this way, I know that I will have something to eat.

Now I am looking around the house thinking about the couple of dozen different projects to do while being house bound – I think I’ll take a nap.

ETA:  I posted the rest of this tale on the 52DC Forum.  Check it out.