We still have no electric power.  The utility company has even removed the estimated restore time from its website.  This insanity may well extend into the weekend.  The gas-powered fireplace in the bedroom has been a life saver.  It allows me to sleep in the house.  I am now making daily runs for blocks of dry ice. 

Luckily my son’s home had power restored by Sunday evening.  If I had children at home, this would not be an annoying adventure but true hell, especially since many schools are still closed.

Went to the Mall last evening with friends.   Just needed to get out of a cold, dark house.  Had dinner and walked around – just wasting time, rather than sitting in a dark house waiting until it was time to go to sleep.

Headed for the gym early this morning.  Doing what must be done by candle light and flashlight to have my morning coffee-protein-carb pre workout shake and get out of the house – is fun.  Darkness prevails.  The main topic of conversation – do you have power yet?  People are starting to lose their ability to tolerate the situation.

I had a pretty good workout.  Decided to utilize the Bosu platform for the Mountain Climbers.  Turned it soft side down and held onto the edge.  Added a bit of difficulty. Nice.

Product Details

When I needed to bring the 45 pound plate to the other side of the gym to do the back extensions, I thought about the Farmer’s Carry and chose the longest walk I could take.  Switched hands on the trip back.   Here is a picture of a guy who takes this exercise seriously.

The gym’s shower area is less than nice – but a hot shower is still a hot shower.  No Complaints.