Last evening our choices for dinner were 3 fold.  Make and eat dinner by candle light in the dark and cold kitchen.  Go out to dinner at a restaurant.  Accept the invitation from a friend to have dinner at their home with another couple from our powerless neighborhood.  We accepted.

Packed up a couple of frozen containers of my wife’s Cream of Cauliflower soup, a container of cream and flashlights.  We lit a candle to light our re-entry and headed out. 

It was a wonderfully congenial evening.  Wine was served to warm the body, followed by the soup which was a hit.  Can this really be cauliflower?  The main course was brisket with salad and broccoli rab.

As we sat around the table, my friend called his home to see if there was electricity.  How will he know?  If the answering machine answers – there is power.  It answered.  I tried my home – YES – power.  Joy to the world and a party atmosphere prevailed.

We had been without power from 3:15pm on Saturday until 6:45pm on Thursday.  Five Days and 3.5 hours.  What a Bummer.

I usually never eat desert – not this time.  Our host is a provayor of flour to bakeries.  What he brought back from one of his favorite customers was an array of some of the best Italian baked goods I have had in a long time.  My Carb Snob attitude met its match and I enjoyed – probably just a bit too much.

We drove up to a well-lit home.  So Nice.  So Peaceful.  So Satisfying.  Hot showers, warm water, heat throughout the house and light switches that obeyed your command to bring forth light.

This morning I had two early morning breakfast meetings.  Had to split my food between the two. 

On the way back to the office, I swung past the house and started putting through the first of what will be close to 8 loads of laundry.  Then I headed back to the office.  I was there for only a couple of minutes when I got a call from my neighbor.  Electric went off at 11:00am.  I had tears in my eyes – pain.  Luckily another call came in two hours later at about 1:00pm.  The electric is back on.  Hopefully this is the end of the saga.

Today was a no workout day.  Tomorrow will be an RT day – Workout A.  This will probably be the last run through of Phase 5.  Need to move on and shake things up.

My wife’s gym, still has no power.  She joined a Retro Fitness near the office.  Why – its cheap, has a lot of cardio machines and decent a dressing and shower room.  That whole plaza has had no electric for a week.  What a financial hit for the 8 stores.

Now we start the clean up.