I am constantly trying to shake things up.  Four – Five weeks doing the same program and this puppy gets bored.  Boredom undermines my ability to keep my focus and make progress.  Went looking for something to substitute for the Roll-Out. 

I had been doing this exercise when I first started with a Personal Trainer four years ago.  Completely forgot about it.  My memory has this exercise being done in a slightly different fashion – but no matter.  Variations on the theme are always welcome and many can be found online.

The following variation is from Men’s Health Power Training and is designated as a Rotational Core Exercise

Stand between two cable stacks holding one handle in each hand with the cables set at waist height. Turn to your left so that your left arm is extended and your right hand is holding the handle at your chest. Your left foot should be staggered forward with your right leg back. Pull with your left hand as you push with your right hand, attempting to rotate the shoulders as far as possible. Repeat on the other side by simply turning the other direction, so that you will now be pulling/pushing with the opposite arms.

Cable Push-Pull Rotation A Cable Push-Pull Rotation B

In looking through the BBOE for alternative exercises, I came across the following two which when done together are similar to this exercise.

Chest Exercise: Single-Arm Cable Chest Press (page 58) – For this one, the pulley is attached at shoulder height and the body does not rotate.

Shoulder Exercise: Standing Single-Arm Cable Row (page 95) –  For this one, the pulley is attached at the lowest level and the torso rotates.

The original way I learned to do this was as in the above picture but with the cables set at a higher position – so that you were pulling or pushing parallel to the floor.  I also have a vague memory of stepping forward with the back leg as I did it.

Since I am doing this as a Core exercise – I will follow the directions above – until I decide to not.