I have developed a pattern.  Whenever I design a new workout, I run through it once to test it out and make changes.  Today I finished Workout C and am ready to finalize Phase 6.

BBOE Design It Yourself Workout – Phase 6

WORKOUT A: 20 Rep Max – 5 Rep Sets

  • 1 Core: Planks – 30 sec hold x 3
  • 2A Chest: Barbell Bench Press – this one is the focus – trying to pump up the weight.  I know that in the end I will need to have a spotter, but I want to go as far as I can without one.  I am concerned that the 50 decline push-ups that I do as part of my warm up will undermine my efforts on this.
  • 2B Quadriceps: Trap Barbell Squat – this is actually supportive of the Dead Lift but with different weight distribution.
  • 3A Upper Back: Cable Face Pull with External Rotation – this is tough at a high weight since you have to counter balance your body weight against the weight stack.
  • 3B Glutes & Hamstrings:- DB Single Leg – Straight Leg Dead Lift – my balance sucks – so this is necessary.

WORKOUT B: 30 Rep Max – 15 Rep Sets

  • 1 Core: Mountain Climber BOSU 3×30 seconds – the BOSU platform adds a new dimension.
  • 2A Quadriceps: Barbell Squat – lighter weight allows me to focus on the depth of the squat – my weakness
  • 2B Chest: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press palms forward – hoping that this will help me make progress on the heavier lift.
  • 3A Glutes & Hamstrings: Weighted Back Extension – carrying the 45 pound plate across the gym to do this one has the added benefit of doing a Farmer Carry.
  • 3B Shoulders: Alternating Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press – interesting – jury is out on this one.

WORKOUT C: 25 Rep Max – 10 Rep Sets

  • 1 Core: Cable Push-Pull – this is the new one – did it this morning – need to find the right weight.  This is the only exercise that is not in the BBOE.  You can find a full explanation in my Post of November 14, 2011.
  • 2A Glutes & Hamstrings: Barbell Dead Lift – after hitting 225, the first of 10 reps seemed so light – but not the last rep.
  • 2B Upper Back: Seated Cable Row
  • 3A Quadriceps: Single-Leg Body Squat – will I ever be able to do an unassisted one?
  • 3B Lats: E-Z Bar Pull Over – I like this one but have to be careful that I don’t injury the rotator cuffs.

I have re-publish this as a Page and attached the Workout Log.