Went to my BNI business dinner last evening.  It replaced this Friday’s breakfast meeting – no one wanted to have a meeting on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.  It was at a decent local restaurant.  We had a good turn out with a bunch of guests.  Pay bar with a buffet dinner – most of which was pasta dishes.  I managed to eat relatively clean.  The wine was a good-sized serving – so that skirted the edges of the 5oz serving max – ah well.  Since I am the Pres for this 6 month term – I was up front and “tap dancing” all evening.

Had a lengthy discussion with a guy in his early 50s.  He was no longer doing the various martial arts and fighting that he had done.  One too many blows to the head and he got the point.  He has backed off a lot of his resistance training and has gone over to the dark side – oops – I mean Cardio side.  “It’s all about your HEART man – gotta get it pumping.”  50 mile bike rides and more.  From there the discussion went to eating.  Once you say Low Carb – High Fat you know you are going to get an eye roll.  Roll Eyes   Such is life.

Got up this morning normal time – tired.  Headed for the gym and got in an RT.  This morning was WORKOUT C: 25 Rep Max – 10 Rep Sets

  • 1 Core: Cable Push-Pull – This going to work fine as a core rotational exercise.  I am going to increase the weight next week.
  • 2A Glutes & Hamstrings: Barbell Dead Lift – Did this at 90 pounds.  Will increase the weight next week. 
  • 2B Upper Back: Seated Cable Row – increased the weight
  • 3A Quadriceps: Single-Leg Body Squat
  • 3B Lats: E-Z Bar Pull Over – Will increase the weight next week.

In spite of it all, it was a good workout.  I don’t know if I am going to skip tomorrow’s workout and just do it on Friday.  Friday is my normal day off – but I now have the time to wrorkout

The office is closing early.  Have a great Thanksgiving.