This morning was Design It Yourself Workout A: 20 Rep Max – 5 Rep Sets – The Heavy One.  At least Heavy for me.

I am on TNT Plan B, except for an occasional Carb Heavy Meal-Day and this week was Thanksgiving – need I say more.  My glycogen stores were fully re-filled.  I stayed with Plan B and had my pre workout Chobani fat-free fruit on the bottom yogurt with my whey protein coffee drink.  That should power the workout.  But it was not the only thing powering my workout.

Yesterday was Black Friday.  We usually do not go near the stores on that day.  This time around I had my eye on a Flat Screen TV for our bedroom.  Costco advertised that they were having some specials on TVs but did not identify which ones.  We got there early – not crowded.  One of the TVs I had been watching was reduced to a more affordable price.  After much discussion, we loaded it on a flat-bed wheeled truck and headed for the register.  As we checked out, a tall young guy asked if he could help me take it to the car.  Huh – “It’s heavy,” he said.  I grabbed the two hand holes and lifted it.  Nope – not a problem. 

I saw this as a comment on my advanced age.  My wife saw it as a guy hustling for a tip.  I would have popped a vein before I’d let him do it for me.  With that in mind – I headed for the gym. 

Did my 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 decline Push-ups for a warm up and then went on to the main workout

  • Planks– 30 sec hold x 3
  • Barbell Bench Press– Increased my weight from 90 to 110, the climb has started.  Interesting – did 90 as my warm up – it had been my high weight.
  • Trap Barbell Squat – Increased my weight from 90 to 140 – this was tough.
  • Cable Face Pull with External Rotation – Held at 100.
  • DB Single Leg – Straight Leg Dead Lift – Held at 25 pound DBs

This workout took a solid 95 minutes.  That is due to the amount of necessary rest between heavy sets.  Not going to call this a double.

BTW: I just checked the weight of that TV.  Without packing material – it is 38 pounds.  Add the box and packaging – maybe another 10 or so – 50 pounds or so.  Heavy my Arse.