On today’s Men’s Health Weight Training Forum, there is a discussion about alternatives to Back Squats.  The Moderator “Ibizan” suggested the Hip Belt Squat and provided a Link to the T-Nation Article with Demos.

Now I know what a Landmine is – no – it does not explode. 

Some guys at my gym ruined the base of a wall by jamming a weight bar into it and using it in the manner of a Landmine.

There is a machine that I have never used which is a fixed bar – in the nature of a Landmine – set to do modified forms of dead lifts and rows.  I should be able to attach my Dip Belt to this and use it for Hip Belt Squats. 

Damn – I really should stop reading.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to do back squats using light weights – high reps – 15 reps.  I am going to bring the belt and test out the possibility of doing these as an alternate.  After all – compression of my spinal column is not the best thing.

Tune in tomorrow – after I test this out – or end up in traction. 

ETA: I used the Cybex Plate Loaded T Bar Row machine to do this Hip Belt Squat.  Not bad – Attaching the belt is less than easy and may become a problem as the weight increases.  Otherwise – well – the jury is still out on this.