It seems that my annual physical, which had previously been biennial or even triennial is now becoming bi-annual.  Actually it appears to be a continuous monitoring of my health.  I could bitch that this is merely the doctor’s way of “churning” my account – but – I have to come to grips with the fact that I am older than the average guy at my gym.  Actually, the only place I would be younger than the average is in a Silver Sneakers Class.  I will slit my wrists before I sign up for that program.

Exams such as EKG or Echocardiogram, that needed to be done at a hospital are now just part of the normal visit.  Blood work is getting more and more sophisticated.

There is no question that a lifetime of not paying attention to my health and especially my weight has taken a toll on my body.  Nothing I can do about the past.  I can only focus on the future.

I have lost weight – a lot of it.  I exercise often and hard.  I follow a Low Carb diet and limit the amount of highly processed foods.  My blood work numbers show this.  Since starting on this journey they have all gone into the good to optimal zone and stayed there.  Here is the updated Chart.

My Doc is really not happy with my exercising at an intense level.  When I indicated that I was focused on strength training, he got concerned about adding muscle – if it means adding to my overall weight.  He feels that any excess weight even in the form of muscle can be dangerous.  I said that “I will kill myself if I gain back the weight.” He responded, “The weight will kill you first.”  Wonderful.  Now I not only have a carrot in front of me but a fire behind me. 

I did comment that at my age and reduced Testosterone levels, I sadly don’t develop large muscles.

He knows that I am not going to stop exercising.  Now that the 52DC is ending and I have completed the latest phase of my DIY workout, I need to design a new plan.  Time to change things up.

I believe that the only way to keep myself in front of this aging process is to not only continue exercising but possibly even paring down my weight even further.  That is probably the direction that I will be going.  Only time and my willingness to continue to baffle and confound my Doc, will tell.  I do not want to prove him right.

ETA: I did a quick review of information out on the internet.  Resistance training is contraindicated for individuals with uncontrolled hypertension.  For the rest of us – even with moderate hypertension the jury is out.  It does appear that the more recent studies are going away from limiting resistance training.   Will I aim for over the top weights – nope.  But what was >80% of my one rep max yesterday is now only 50% of my one rep max.  Training pays off by less stress at higher weights.