This morning was Workout C: 30 Rep Max – 15 Reps per set.  15 reps is a lot and requires a significant reduction in the weight in order to hit that number.

  • Cable Push-Pull:  Held at 50 pounds.  The increased reps had their effect.
  • Barbell Dead Lift:  Warmed up with the Bar only and then did two sets with 50 pounds on the Bar.  Will increase this to 70 pounds next week.
  • Rear Lateral Raise: Used 20 pound DBs.  15 reps is tough.
  • Farmer’s Walk on Toes: Did this holding a 45 pound plate in each hand.  A woman was also walking on her toes but with a fixed weight barbell on her shoulders.  It pushed her forward and undermined her proper posture.  I ended up with a cramp in my left calf.  Obviously effective. 
  • E-Z Bar Pull Over:  I held this at my prior 65 pounds.  Did not make the full 15 – only got to 12.  Needs more work.

The December 12th Weekly Dose from T-Nation had an article about proper form for Dead Lifts and a complete review of the Farmer’s Walk.  The timing on those articles was perfect.

Yesterday, I did 20 minutes of Cardio on the treadmill.  I am starting to move back into HIIT more aggressively.  That means that the circuit of exercises that I pair with Cardio workout has to “lighten” up. 

Just a side note.  My Doc had wanted me to do lower weights – higher reps.  Having done this workout – the end result is the same.  I don’t believe he fully understands what actual exercise means.  There is so much misinformation and the physicians are not immune to getting it wrong – except for the surgeon who repaired my hernia.  He was into exercise and when I asked him if I should avoid exercise pending surgery, his response was – “Why – are you going to rip something?”