Got to the gym bright and early – as usual – and did 20 minutes of intervals on the Treadmill.  Starting to push myself – again.  Worked up a sweat – felt good, especially since I had to leave without doing my circuit exercises.   Had a scoop of whey protein mixed in my coffee before I headed out.

Breakfast:  Had a business meeting with a colleague at a local restaurant.  Managed to hold tight to TNT Plan A.  Two scrambled eggs and well done sausage with a couple of slices of tomato as a substitute for potatoes and bread.  Coffee – coffee – and more coffee.

Lunch:  Now we get tricky.  Taking the staff out for lunch.  I know the restaurant and I should be able to eat relatively clean.  Then – back to the office for dessert.  Each person has brought their specialty.  Our fridge/coffee area has enough calories spread around to keep a small city going for a week.  My wife made a TNT Plan A cheese cake – but glazed it with REAL high sugar Strawberry Jam.  There are cookies and cake balls and cake and – and – and – OMG – this is my staff – I must have a taste of everything – don’t want to insult anyone.

ETA: Lunch itself was not a problem.  Got back to the office and they laid out all the desserts.  I had one taste or piece of everything – limited myself to a small piece or scoop or slice.  Not a loser in the batch.  Does not matter – I feel Puked

Dinner: We have another holiday Party Timesponsored by a local bank at a fancy golf club/catering facility. 

ETA:  Just got back from the party.  I only had about 3 – 4 oz of roast turkey, one round of Mozzarella Cheese with a slice of Tomato and two glasses of Cabernet.  Does that tell you how much dessert I had lunch time?  Embarrassed

This is not going to be an easy day.  There are just too many opportunities to eat  to Cheers and to   Rock Band

In the end – this is the reason we diet and exercise – so we can enjoy these occasions – right?