I had googled Jeff Volek’s name to check out his various studies and research on Protein and Exercise.  I ended up finding that he and Stephen D. Phinney, co-authored a new book on Low Carb eating: “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living: An Expert Guide to Making the Life-Saving Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction Sustainable and Enjoyable”   You can check it out on Amazon.  I ordered it and will report on it once finished.   Volek was the co-author along with Adam Campbell of the TNT Diet.  He also, along with Phinney and others co-authored the update on the Atkins diet.  This should be an interesting read.

I could have gone to Barnes and Noble and picked it up.  That would have required me to go to the Mall during the Christmas shopping season – not gonna happen.  I could have down loaded it to Kindle – for half the price – but I don’t have a Kindle – that is going to be remedied.

I have also just learned that Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove are coming out with a New or Updated version of the New Rules of Lifting.  Word is that it is due out in the Spring.  I was not impressed with their NROL for Abs.  I hope that this new book impresses me as much as the original.  It may provide some interesting workouts.  I am always looking for something new. 

Tonight are two more parties.  The first is just a drop by at a friends business.  Each year they have an open house at their shop. Always nice.  There will be nuts and cheese.  There will also be wine, but I will hold off until we get to Party No. 2.

The second party is an also a “business” type of gathering.  A friend has an open house for all of her business associates.  There will be a lot of “crap” along with a lot of wine.  She asked me to make up a pot of my Firehouse Chili.  We got home late last evening.  We had to stop and give a hug to our grand kids before they get on the road for Florida tomorrow morning.  My wife made a quick dinner and then I started preparing the Chili.  It went onto the stove at about 8’ish.  For what ever reason, there was an excess of liquid.  I let it simmer on a very low heat all night.  I checked it at 2:00am and again at 4.  At about 6:15, I turned it off and poured it into a smaller pot – one that would fit in the fridge.  It is nice and thick.  All the flavors melded together.   I will bring it over to their home later today along with the bag of shredded Mexican mix cheeses.  The only carbs in this mix come from the vegetables: tomatoes, green and yellow bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.  There are no beans.  Yummy.

As much as I enjoy this time of the year – I will be happy when it is over.  There are just too many opportunities to ignore healthy eating.  Ah well – such is life.