This has been a week from hell culminating in two parties in a row yesterday.  Both were business related.  Both were must shows.  It has been almost impossible to maintain control of what I ate.  No excuses.  I have over indulged. 

This morning was back at it.  Hit the gym early.  Today was DIY Phase 7 Workout B.  Good workout – powered by an over indulgence of Carbs.  I tried to burn off all the stored glycogen.  It may take me another workout or more – considering tomorrow is ANOTHER party.

No complaints – this is life – can’t let a little bump in the road derail me. 

PS: My Firehouse Chili was a big hit.  No one missed the Beans.

ETA: (Sunday 12-18-11) Just got back from Brunch at a friend’s house.  They made an early Hanukkah party.  Yep – potato pancakes and a lot of other stuff.  I had 2 small pancakes without apple sauce – just to be polite.  Stayed away from most of the other stuff and left before the brought out the dough nuts.