This morning was DIY Phase 8 – Workout B: 25 rep max – 10 reps per set.

Warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches – actually did about 80 – may just bump this to 100.  Although Crunches are not the “in” anymore, these are critical to get my back moving and warmed up.  Moved onto 50 Decline Push-ups.  First set was 35 followed by 15.  I would like to get this to 50 in one set.  This was directly followed by the workout.

  • Mountain Climber: This is a continuation from Phase 7.  I am getting better at keeping my body tight and balancing on the BOSU platform.  The first two sets were 30 leg movements – 15 per leg.  The 3rd set – 40, 20 per leg.  Progress is being made.
  • Goblet Squat: Doing this holding a 40 pound DB.  My ability to do deep squats is getting a bit better.
  • Standing Cable Fly: Following the suggestion in the BBOE, I set the cables to the high point and kept my elbows only slightly bent.  I believe that I hit the right weight as a starting point. 
  • Swiss-Ball Hip Raise & Leg Curl:  My form is getting better and my legs no longer cramp up.
  • Alternating Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Doing this with 30 pound DBs.  It is a good workout.

Tomorrow – Friday – is my normal day off.  We are heading down to Washington DC for the weekend – a family celebration at a nice Hotel.  There is an event Saturday during the day which includes lunch.  We should be back in the hotel by 2pm or so.  The BIG party is at the hotel and starts at 7pm.  The next morning is a breakfast at the hotel.  Then we get on the road and head north.  Should be back in the early evening.

The hotel has a pool and a fitness center.  I doubt that I will be able to get in a workout according to my schedule. Such is Life.  At the very least – my aim is to get in two days of 40 minute CTs, one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Sunday morning before breakfast.   That will put me a bit behind on my 3600 Challenge – but I will be able to make that up during the remainder of the Challenge.  I just do not want to blow off two days.

Clean eats may be a problem.  I am usually able to make do, but the food choices are going to be limited and are going to be Tasty.  Since I am not strictly on TNT Plan A – I have the leeway to call Saturday a re-feed Plan E day – or I may just give up a CE.

One way or another this will be a fun time – sandwiched between two miserable 6+ hour drives.