I’m not sure if this is a positive or negative phrase.  I guess it depends upon whether you like to exercise or you look down your nose at people who waste their time going to the gym.  My time at the gym has increased from 3 days a week when I started to usually 6 days on and only one day off.  Sounds like a lot, but my time there is about 45-75 minutes.  Usually it is a short hour.

I love the tweet length factoids you find in fitness magazines.  I picked up the January/February issue of Men’s Fitness.  Here are some Factoids to ponder.

The average length of a gym membership is 4.7 Years.” I joined my gym on 3/12/2007.  I am now at the 4.8 mark.  Woo Hoo! 

As of January 2011, there were…

  • 29,890 Health Clubs in the US.
  • 50.2 million gym members
  • 10.8% more gym members than in 2009.”

OK – we know that these statistics leave out some real facts – ones that us gym rats experience this time of year.   The Resolutionists Are Back!

These are the guys and gals who flood the Health Clubs and clog up our machines mis-use our equipment and take up valuable floor space.  They flood the gyms starting the first week of January.  They bring smiles to the Personal Trainers usually bored faces.  But – most of them will be gone in a couple of months. 

50 – Percentage of people who quit their fitness goals after just six months.”

The sad economic fact is that “gyms count on a dropout rate of at least 20-30%” according to Meg Jordan, editor in chief of American Fitness magazine.  They need that infusion of money and could not handle all their members if all their members decided to go as often as I go.

“12 – the percentage of a gym’s new members for the year that join in January.  By April, new memberships have declined below 7.8%.”

In the past, I’ve been part of the negative statistics.  One of those guys who started, hung in there for a year or two or three and then let it slide.  This time around I have exceeded the average. 

Why?  Probably a couple of hundred personal and health reasons – most of which have existed in the past – all of which lit a fire under my sorry arse.  What has made the difference?  Maybe it is eating Low Carb, or participating in the 52 Day Challenges or writing this Blog.  Maybe it is my age and the knowledge that I am not immortal and I have a limited amount of time to get and keep my act together.

Last night, I was at a big party with a loud DJ who only played fast music.  The average age was easily half mine.  We were out on the dance floor for most of the evening.  So many of my contemporaries were not – actually could not.  Glad that’s not me.

So how do you view yourself – a gym rat or a mouse?