I got a call late yesterday afternoon.  I was needed for a business meeting that was to run from 7:00 pm to about 8 or so. Those I was to meet with were to go on to the second half of that meeting without me. 

I grabbed a fast dinner at home and headed out.  The initial part of the meeting lasted until 8:15.  I said my goodbyes, put on my coat and hat, and had one foot out the door when I was called back in.  I got out of there at 11:15 and home by 11:30. 

My wife threatened divorce if I set the alarm for 5:10am. I heeded her warning.  My body clock woke me at 5:00am.  I fought the urge to get up and go to th gym; happily the urge lost.  The next moment it was 7:30am. 

It took me close to 6 cups of coffee to make it through the day.  Never made it to the gym.  Instead had a heavy day with another evening meeting.  This one ended at 7:00pm. 

I will be at the gym tomorrow – no issue.

The start of this 52DC has been a fiasco.   I am now two RTs in the hole.  I will make it up – doubles over my vacation should do it. Doubles – yeah – that’s the way.  I’ll live in the gym.

Anyone out there want to represent me in the divorce proceedings?