I’m not all that noise sensitive.  But even I have my limit.  That limit is set by interference with my concentration.

I do not plug into music during my workout.  It does not help me focus on my workout.  I find it a distraction.   That means my ears are open to the general noise of the gym.

Background music:  It is there and usually not loud enough to be meaningful.  Better than silence and it does mask light conversation and the sound of the machines.

Grunters:  Depends on whether they are loud intentional grunting or a relatively involuntary escape of air.  There are guys that grunt so loud you can hear them across the gym. 

Self Talkers:  These are a subcategory of the Grunters.  They talk to themselves and their equipment – loudly.

Gym Buddy Encouragement:  OK this is just plain annoying because they shout their encouragement and their buddy is usually a Grunter.

Cell Phone Talkers:  Need I say more.  The gym has a no cell phone policy – never enforced.

The Sports Talkers:  They greet each other with a half hour discussion of yesterday’s games and who did what – where – and when.  They take Monday morning quarterbacking to the limit.

Weight Slammers:  These are the guys who drop their weights to the floor – especially when doing dead lifts – or – while loading them – slamming two weights together like cymbals. 

You probably have a couple of more of your own favorites to add to this list. 

I have no solutions or conclusions.  This is just a rant.  But – one day I will end up shouting out – Shut the ***** up