I have consistently wondered about the focus on the amount of Protein a person should be eating.  It appears that most people don’t eat enough.  When they start on TNT or any other Ketogenic Diet, or for that matter start exercising, their attention to the amount of Protein they ingest becomes more focused. 

Those who exercise will start relying on whey protein – sometimes to an excess.  Those who change their eating habits have a hard time bringing their protein levels up. 

I have never had a problem eating enough protein.  In fact – eating too much has been more of a problem.  I came from a home with 3 boys and a Dad who worked a physically challenging job.  MEAT & EGGS were our mainstay.   It was only as the Low Fat Mantra started to take hold of society that I started to vary – unhappily from that pattern.  When I started Low Carbing – it was like putting on a well-worn and comfortable sweater.

We just arrived at our vacation place in Florida and are over lapping for 24 hours with my SIL and BIL.  They are the flip side of the eating coin from us.  He is single digit body fat with defined muscles – and has always been that way with a minimum of exercise – probably because he is a body always in motion.  She works hard at keeping her weight in check – in her own way.

Years ago, my BIL and I spent a week together doing heavy-duty hiking, canoeing and camping.  I was the not fit overweight guy – 6 inches taller than the fit younger guy.  I was the experienced guy – he had only read about it.  I worked harder – or at least the same.  We ate the same food except that what I did not eat – he finished.  He also had multiple energy bars each day.  In the end – he lost 5 pounds and I gained 5 pounds.

Back to yesterday and our arrival in Florida.  My SIL made dinner.  Two – that’s right – two measly drum sticks and a handful of veggies for dinner.  Nothing in the fridge or around except boxes of cereal and bags of chips.  I opened the freezer – 3 half-gallon tubs and 2 pint containers of ice cream. WTF – I glared at my wife.

After dinner we went over to our friends’ home.  Thankfully she put out an array of cheeses and nuts.  I can always count on her to be a great Hostess.  Happiness.  I even ate a small piece of rice pudding.  Necessity prevails.

When we got back to the house, my BIL finished the two pints of ice cream. 😦

This morning I went to the gym before anyone woke.  On the way back, I stopped and picked up the necessities for breakfast, including heavy cream – there was only a container of no fat milk in the fridge.  They had cereal for breakfast.  We had eggs and sausage.

What it comes down to is simple:  Most people under eat protein and veggies, and over eat processed carbs.  When they change their diet – no matter what diet – protein becomes the critical focus with veggies 2nd up at bat.

As I read the various fitness books and magazines – they all emphasize eating protein at every meal – and I am always surprised about their need to do so.

How many grams of Protein do you eat each day?

PS:  They are leaving in a couple of hours.  I am going to put the ice cream into a plastic bag – out of sight but never out of mind.

ETA:  My wife and I each had a tablespoon of ice cream and then washed it down the sink – better safe than sorry.