I spotted the new Men’s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts and flipped through it.  I am a sucker for these types of books, especially when I travel and need something to read on the Plane.  This book compiles a claimed 85 fast-paced circuit training and interval workouts composed of 433 exercises.  The hype is there – become a lean, mean babe magnet in just 15 minutes a day – no gym membership required.

I have read and followed the programs in the NROL and HIAH.  I have also read and followed many of the workouts in the Men’s Health Big Book Of Exercises – the first in this series.  The BBOE is an excellent resource manual and I refer back to it constantly.  I took the NROL for Abs on my last trip and the trip before that.  Sorry – I just can’t get into it and I don’t like their exercise program  I am waiting for the NROL for the over 40 crowd to come out this Spring.  TommyLandNYC has commented that the NROL has just too much verbiage and it stops him from following it.  I can understand his point.  It took me forever to read through and follow the first NROL while you can get into HIAH quickly.

When I flipped through this BBO15 (Can you come up with another short hand way of referring to it?) I was attracted by the pictures and descriptions of the exercises which are excellent.  They follow in the footsteps of the original BBOE.  I bought it at B&N – over spent for it – but I was desperate – we were leaving the next day and I had nothing to read in the airport or on the plane.

I am in the midst of reading it.  Here are my initial observations:

  • For the most part, the 15 minute workouts are Circuits designed to be done quickly so as to raise your Heart Rate and “burn fat.”  Many follow the HIIT format.
  • There are a substantial number of body weight and limited equipment workouts, which makes them perfect for the home workout.
  • The color photography of the exercises is excellent – they really show you the way.  The descriptions and notes that surround the pictures really do the job and they are both informative and interesting.
  • The Diet advice follows the BBOE’s TNT Light format.  It is more of a controlled low carb eating plan than a true ketogenic diet or even a TNT eating plan.
  • You can pair two workouts together to give you a longer and more varied program.  It looks like I will be able to use this to cobble together some new DIY workouts – 40 minute ones – thank you TJAK.

I am going to be moving through this book and will have more comments later on.  As I read through it, some of the workouts look like ones that I can pair with my treadmill days to give me a 40+ minute cardio day. 

My goals – to vary my workouts – and to keep me from being bored.  My goal is NOT to limit my workout to 15 minutes.

My opinion – Buy it – You’ll like it.