Got in a CT this morning.  Wanted to do a double but just did not have my head in the right place.  Managed to finish off the 3600 Challenge by doing 25 reps of the Cuban Press.  Here are my numbers that will be posted tomorrow – assuming I do not screw up my clean eats.

My Numbers for Sunday February 19, 2012, Day 47 (90.38%)

CE: 92/94/96 (95.83%)

RT: 19/20 (95%)

CT: 18/20 (90%)

PG1: (40-4-40): 37/40 (92.5%)

PG2: 3600 Challenge: 3600/3600 (100%)

  • (Swiss Ball Crunches): 1625/800 (203.13%)
  • (Decline Push-ups): 935/800 (116.88%)
  • (Chin/Pull-ups): 425/400 (106.25%)
  • (Single Arm DB Swings): 480/400 (120%)
  • (Hanging Leg Raises): 520/400 (130%)
  • (Weighted Dips): 420/400 (105%)
  • (Cuban Presses): 400/400 (100%)

Discounting Friday, which is my normal day off due to my weekly early morning BNI Breakfast meeting, I have 4 days left. 4 days to achieve 3 workouts – 2 of which are CTs.  Should be no problem – but – I like to plan for the unexpected.  Tomorrow should be an RT.  If I lead off that way – then my last workout will be number 41 and it will be the last required CT.  It would make more sense to lead off with a CT.  I really do over think this stuff. 

The Winter Challenge ends on Friday, February 24th and the Spring Challenge starts on Wednesday, March 14th,  There will be 2 1/2 weeks from the end of this Challenge to the start of the next.  I really need to come up with some fresh ideas for my workout.  Things are starting to get boring.

I hosted yesterday and asked whether the Challengers were having an annual physical.  Only one admitted that he is intentionally avoiding it.  I wonder if those who did not post – stayed away out of embarrassment about not having a physical.  I also wonder what the response would be if I had asked about their last dental checkup.

Taking a positive view – I suspect that most individuals who start exercising also take care of their health.  Why – either their health was the impetus to exercise – or – exercise was the impetus to focus on their health.