Yesterday was day 52 – the final workout day.  This morning, I posted my final numbers.  The awards will be posted on Tuesday.  I earned a Platinum Award.

My Final Numbers as of Friday February 24, 2012, Day 52 (100.00%)

CE: 102/104/96 (106.25%) Thumbs-Up
RT: 21/20 (105%) Thumbs-Up
CT: 20/20 (100%) Thumbs-Up

PG1: (40-4-40): 41/40 (102.5%) Thumbs-Up

PG2: 3600 Challenge: 5330/3600 (148.06%) Thumbs-Up

Swiss Ball Crunches: 1825/800 (228.13%) Thumbs-Up
Decline Push-ups: 1035/800 (129.38%) Thumbs-Up
Chin/Pull-ups: 470/400 (117.5%) Thumbs-Up
Single Arm DB Swings: 520/400 (130%) Thumbs-Up
Hanging Leg Raises: 580/400 (145%) Thumbs-Up
Weighted Dips: 470/400 (117.5%) Thumbs-Up
Cuban Presses: 430/400 (107.5%) Thumbs-Up

This was a pretty good Challenge.  Actually lost a couple of pounds.  I still want to lose a couple of more before that High School Reunion in June.  Focusing on brown bagging and eating at home are the way to go.  It allows me to really keep my carbs in the 25-50 gram range necessary to remain Keto Adapted; and to have a modicum of control over portion size.  For the time being, I will stick with TNT Plan A.
I headed for the gym this morning and got in the final Workout C of DIY Phase 8.1.  I really haven’t mixed things up – just changed the weights and reps per set.  Now I need to really change things around.  Just don’t know what I want to do.  The next Challenge starts on Wednesday, March 14th.  I will use this time to do some experimenting.  When the new NROL comes out in April, I will probably look to do those workouts.  If it is similar to the NROL for Abs – I will pass it by.
I may just play with some of the 15 minute workouts.  Only time will tell.