In High School, pain was defined as a Squat Thrust.  The gym teachers had a good time laughing at us as we collapsed in the mud.  They never prepared us for it – just made us do it.  Sadists one and all.

Today I started doing Squat Thrusts – voluntarily – does that make me a masochist.  Now they are called burpees – multiple explanations for the name – the least of which is burping – although a related involuntary action is a possibility.

I add push-ups in the thrust position – just for fun.  I also do them in a Count Down format.  First set is 10 reps, 2nd set is 9 reps – until the last set of just one rep.  I actually got through the entire program – 56 – if I counted correctly.  Of course, this is not all that difficult when you have the EMTs standing by with oxygen and a defibrillator – and you take a 15 minute rest between sets.

My motion was not fluid and my ability to bounce back up was less than pretty.  A sky hook would have helped.  If I can get these into a decent rhythm, I will add chin-ups at the start of each set.

I will do most anything not to use one of the Cardio machines.  Unfortunately – as these progress – they will take less than 40 minutes – the treadmill is going to be my cool down.