Wednesday, March 14, 2012 is Day One of the Spring 2012 52 Day Challenge.  I have been doing these Challenges since the Summer of 2008.  They help me keep my eye on the ball.  By participating, there is less likelihood that I will fall too far off the wagon.  The structure of the Challenge and the support and encouragement of the participants are critical to my continued success.

For this Challenge, my Goals are pretty straight forward.

  • Clean Eats: 96/104
  • Resistance Training: 20 Workouts
  • Cardio Training: 20 Workouts
  • Personal Goal 1: 40 workouts of no less than 40 minutes each.
  • Personal Goal 2: 1000 Squat Thrusts with Push-ups.

For Clean Eating, as always it is maintaining myself within the parameters of the TNT Diet.  Not looking to lose weight – well maybe a pound or two – but to just not gain any.

Resistance Training will be Phase 9 of my DIY workout.  I will still do 100 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 Decline Push-ups as a warm up.

Cardio Training will be the Squat Thrusts with push-ups done in a count down format starting with 10 repetitions.  I may add chin-ups to the start of each set or add the Treadmill for Cool Down.  56 repetitions times 20 workouts equals 1,120.  That hits my second personal goal.  Just need to stretch this to 40 minute.

Making sure that all workouts are at least 40 minutes long hits my first personal goal.

Although I am not doing the 3600 Challenge, I may track my total crunches, push-ups and chin-ups.  Only time will tell.