There are those who perspire.  There are those who “glow.”  There are those who sweat.  And – there are those who sweat buckets.

What category a person falls into probably is a combination of how hard they are working (out) and their own genetic make-up.  There is the guy who gets on a piece of cardio equipment and when he leaves, there is an actual puddle on the floor and the equipment is covered in his sweat.  Yeeech!  Another guy can work just as hard and produce very little moisture.  The same goes for the weights and machines.  One guy is walking around dripping while another works twice as hard and shows no moisture. 

I am one of those – no sweat guys – or at least I was.  No matter how hard my Resistance Workout is – I get warm – maybe break a bit of moisture – but – really nothing.  The towel I carry around is used more to reserve a station than wipe my sweated brow.

That is – until this morning.

I started doing the Burpees with push-ups in Count Down format starting with a set of 10.  But prior to the start and in between sets – I added a set of 5 chin-ups.  Oh yeah – I produced real sweat – still – not like the puddle guys – but a drop hit the mat as I did the push-up portion.

I ended up doing 60 Burpees and 40 chin-ups.  I walked around the parameter of the gym to cool down.  Got in the car and turned the AC to frigid and the fan to high.  Haven’t done that since I was 260 pounds.

Good workout. 

ETA: It is always interesting when you start a new program – or even mix up an old one – to wake up the next day with various muscles letting you know that they were stressed.   Was it Wednesday’s RT or Thursday’s CT or a combination of both.  Who cares – I love the feeling – it means I worked hard.