Our flight down to West Palm Beach from Newark airport was scheduled to take off at 5:40.  We got through security by 4:40 pm   Made the decision to not eat before security because it was too early and we get crazy about being on time.  Unfortunately, before security is where the bettefood r choices of are.

The place was a mad house.  Looked at the line waiting to get into the lone sitdown restaurant/bar and decided to buy an over priced – under nourished salad.  Well – it is the airport and we were too busy/lazy to pack our own.  Sat down to wait.  At about 5:15, I spotted the sign indicating that out flight was delayed a solid hour.   The line at the Restaurant was long but now seemed tolerable.  I got on-line and my wife went to look for a book to buy. 

We ordered a light beer and the only thing the restaurant had – Roast Beef sandwich and a small bag of chips.  By this time, my will was down the toilet and we declared this a loss.  Still – we did not have ice cream and any one of the 10,000 bags of carbs shouting from the little stalls.  Ate slowly – not slow enough.  Eventually had to pay and find a seat.  Settled in for the long haul.  Then the announcement came.  Our plane was cancelled and our flight on another plane would be taking off at 9:40.  PAIN.

At about 8:30, Jet Blue brought in Pizza and soda for anyone on our flight.  Yes – I had a slice of lousy doughy pizza and a can of diet soda.  Still it was nice of them.

The Plane took off at 10:10pm.  We ate those grilled chicken on mixed greens along with a small bag of airline chips of some sort (claiming to be high in fiber.)  We landed at 12:10am and as we de-planed. we were given a notice that we would each get $100.00 towards our next flight.  Of the 80 plus  individuals on the flight, I wonder how many will actually use the certificates.

Got to our place by 1:00 or so and asleep by 2:00am. 

Went out for breakfast, since it was too late last night to shop for food when we arrived.  Kept it clean.  Hit the stores and ate lunch at home.  My wife is reading, and I am typing.  I will probably go to the gym and buy a pass for the next 4 days.  I wanted to workout today – not going to happen.  It is hot enough to go to the pool – but we might sink if we went in.  Seems like the best idea is to take a nap and go out to dinner with friends to celebrate their birthdays. 

I can blame Jet Blue and/or the airport but the blame is mine for not being prepared.  The lesson learned is one my mother knew 60 years ago: “Always pack hard boiled eggs.”