We had dinner last evening at the City Oyster Bar in Del Ray Beach, Florida.  Wonderful dinner.  Gave up a Clean Eat but could call it a Glycogen re-load per Plan E. 

Walked along Atlantic Ave., Del Ray Beach after dinner.  The place was hopping.  Very busy.  Our friends who live here full-time posit that this was many people’s last hurrah before they head back north.  They expect things will quiet down after the holidays.

The ladies headed into one of the many super expensive women’s dress shops.  I sat outside and watched the world walk by.  So many were tanned to the extreme.  They looked like burnt toast.

The phrase Healthy Tan popped into my mind.  I grew up during a time when we were ushered out doors without shirts and told to play.  Get a tan – be healthy.

Well the playing outside and learning to amuse ourselves was healthy.  The tan – no so much.  I am paying the price today both in terms of having pieces of me constantly removed and the cost of the dermatologist.  When I had a divot removed from the bridge of my nose, I asked my dermatologist how much sun was too much.  “Any change in color to your skin – is too much.”  Balance that against making sure you get enough exposure to get some Vitamin D.  Life is a balancing act.

A Healthy Tan is now an Oxy-moron.  Why are people still tanning, especially to the extreme with all the information out there about cancer?  I might as well ask the same about smoking.

I am betting that having a Tan is a badge of honor.  It shows that you have the time to Tan.  You need not work.  You can just lay out and toast yourself.  The Roman ladies of yore wore white powder to show that they did not need to be outside and do anything.  For them, white skin was a sign of wealth.  The powder was composed of lead and poisoned them. 

Will we ever learn not to sacrifice our health to our Vanity?