I just bought a bottle of Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Cold Pressed Coconut Oil -not refined, deodorized or bleached.  Yeah – strange – but life moves us down pathways we never thought about.

I have spoken about a family member who has recently been diagnosed with the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  This relative is now on Axona a medical food  as well as a ketogenic diet both of which increase ketones for the purpose of providing the brain (and the body) with an alternative energy source – one that an aging brain can use.

From there, I started to explore Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which lead me to Coconut Oil.

Apparently, MCTs and Coconut Oil are used as a supplement by not only Ketogenic Diet folks but Exercise Geeks as well.  Who Knew?

I have created another link section for Ketogenic Diets and AD along with other Neurologic Disorders such as Seizure Disorders. 

If this starts taking a life onto its own, I may spin it off as another Blog.  In the interim, from time to time you will see me comment on this subject and possibly expand that link section.

Hop aboard and let’s go for a ride.

For the uninitiated – coconut oil can be used as a substitute for butter.  It is solid at room temperature.

PS: Volek’s new book should arrive tomorrow.  I’m excited.  OK – I am one strange guy.

ETA:  I made the mistake of putting the bottle of coconut oil in the fridge – even though it said no refrigeration was necessary.  This morning – it was solid as a rock – could not get anything out.  Ran it under hot water for a couple of minutes until it was “soft” enough to break off a spoonful.  Fried up some onions – nice color and crisp.  Then dumped scrambled eggs on top.  No off taste  – good breakfast.  It is now sitting on the counter.