I have spent so much time exploring Volek’s books that I need to get back to basics.  Where am I in my quest for a Platinum Medal?  Tomorrow, I will post the following:

My Numbers as of Sunday, April 15, 2012, Day 33 (63.46%)

CE: 64/66/94 (68.09%)  There are no really big events coming up to mess up this goal.  Those that are on the horizon – are bluntly – rubber chicken affairs – no problem.

RT: 14/20 (70%) I need 6 RT workouts out of a possible 8 days.

CT: 15/20 (75%) I need 5 CT workouts out of a possible 8 days.

PG1 (40-40-40): 28/40 (70%) I need a possible 12 – 40 minute workouts out of a possible 16 days.

PG2 (Burpees): 840/1000 (84%) If I do 6 CT-Burpee Days – then I’ll end up with 1,200

There is enough elbow room to make this happen – if – I can keep my eye on the ball.  The Burpees make that difficult – they are one BIG PIA.

The time lost due to the delay in our flight down to Florida has been made up by working out on a Friday when I normally take the time off.

I forced myself to workout during a bout with a cold.  Not the greatest workouts but better than not doing them – and I believe my cold dissipated faster than it normally would have.

We’ve had house guests over the last couple of days.  I had to be super quiet in sneaking out early in the morning.  I could not park in the garage – opening the garage door might wake up my grandson.  No problem.  I made my coffee/whey shake the night before and had it ready to drink.  Just requires a bit of preparation.  Still I would get home at least one-half hour or more before anyone woke.  Had a cuppa coffee – read the paper and played with the computer.  Should’ve been asleep.

All of this may sound a bit OCD – yes – truth – but fear is the motivating factor.  I have let gains slip out of my hand way too many times in the past.  I don’t have the luxury of allowing that to happen even one more time.  That would only prove all the Naysayers right – the hell with them.