One of the aspects of the TNT Diet that I enjoy is that it makes room for alcohol.  No – I am not an alcoholic, just a guy who likes a glass of wine every now and again.  My favorite is Shiraz but a Malbec will do as will many others with body.  Not really thrilled with a Pinot Noir. 

This morning, two guys in the locker room where talking about how many glasses do you get out of a regular bottle of wine.  The one guy insisted that it is really only 2 at the most 3.  Whoa!  He has got some very large wine glasses.

A normal bottle is 750 ml equals 25.3605 oz.  A standard portion of wine is 5 oz.  That is 5 – count them – 5 glasses.  So when the Fancy Restaurant serves you a small glass for 10-12 bucks, they are not cheating you. 

I have different wine glasses for different occasions and for different people.  The main ones are 16 ounces – so filled to the brim – they are a half a bottle.  Most times, we are lucky to get 4 servings from a bottle.  The fancy glasses for dinner with our good china are maybe 6-8 ounces.  We use them when most of our guests don’t really drink. 

We have two 8 ounce glasses that I use when we – my wife and I – are having dinner together.  I fill them half way and manage a 4 ounce serving.  A bottle can last 3 meals – unless my wife uses it for cooking.

Similarly, hard liquor is a shot or 1.5 ounces.  How heavy is your hand?

Just as with that serving of fries or that glass of coke – or even that 16 oz steak – we Super Size everything.

Portion control is important.  I am not the TNT police – but when we indulge – we should know what we are actually doing and not lie to ourselves.