There are so many euphemisms for the problems that arise.  There are “bumps in the road of life” and “Life throws us a Curve Ball.”  So many ways of saying “the shit just hit the fan.”

On May 2nd, I posted my frustration with so many things getting in the way of reading the NROL for Mid Life which had just arrived. 

I want to take the rest of the work day off and start reading.  No can do.  Our office is going out for a lunch.  We are combining a belated Administrative Assistants Day lunch with a Birthday lunch for one of our staff.

That Birthday Girl was my wife.  We had just finished lunch and were waiting for the cake to come out.  My wife turned to me and said she was having problems speaking and using her hands.  Someone dialed 911  and we were off and running.  She was having a stroke.   The EMTs where there quickly.  The hospital reacted properly and 1.5 hours from the start of the event, she was getting the Clot busting drug.

I wish I could say that everything turned out OK – but it didn’t.  Her right side is significantly impacted.  It is going to be a long haul to get her back.

My daughter left her family and flew in.  She has been a god send.  The cost to her family can not be underestimated.  The value to her mother can not be over estimated.

She turned to me and said – you have got to go to the gym.  You have to take care of yourself as well. 

So many caregivers suffer the loss of their own health.  I have to be strong for my wife.  This is going to be a long road back to normalcy.  The first step – head for the gym tomorrow.