During my undergraduate days, I spent several years working in a Deli/Restaurant across from the University.  During that time, I washed dishes, waited on tables, and eventually handled the sandwich board and the grill. Things could get a little rough on Sunday afternoons since the school only served breakfast and lunch.  The students would line up outside starting at about 3:00 pm until 10:00 pm or so.  Long day – poor tips.  I learned a lot.

With my wife in the re-hab hospital, I am a single guy once again with none of the benefits.  I get home late and have to find something to eat.  My short order cooking days come in very handy.

Tonight, I put an 6-8 oz steak in the microwave to defrost, poured some EVOO in a pan, sliced up some onion and asparagus and threw them in the pan.  Added a spoonful of chopped garlic and stirred.  Then added the steak to the pan.  By the time the steak was done, so were the veggies.  Great one dish meal.  15 minutes to prepare – maybe. 

The trick to eating clean and staying true to a ketogenic eating plan:  make sure you have the ingredients in the fridge or freezer.  I had fresh asparagus and onion, but it could just as easily have been frozen.  No excuse to be lazy and not cook for yourself.

Tomorrow morning is going to be two eggs, onions, tomatoes, smoked salmon fried up in butter and topped with a dollop or two of cream cheese.    Is there a better or easier omelette?

Truth Be Told:  Today was Mother’s Day and my son and his family brought food to the hospital for a “picnic.”  It was a beautiful day and we ate outside overlooking the river.  The grandkids had a great time as did their grandmother.  I did not have the potato salad or bread.  I did have some potato chips and a slice of cake.  Declared this my Carb Re-load meal.  Should have a good work out tomorrow morning.