My weight has been constant now for close to 4 years.  I may vary 4 pounds from month to month – and because of the insanity in my life – I am actually at the lowest point of my normal range.  Two funny comments happened this past week – both at the hospital.  My wife gets visitors, some of whom we have not seen in a bit of time.

One guy sees me relatively often, but for the most part in business clothes.  This time I was dressed in jeans and a summer Tee.  We were sitting in the hospital lounge and I was tired so I ended up slowly slouching down in the chair.  He looks over at my belly and comments that I have been putting on weight.  I told him that my belly button is the tack holding up all the excess skin.  I may never sit like that again.

The next guy I see once a year.  He is close to 19 years my junior and had worked with me while he was in school.  He is on the shorter side.  I walked into the room – again dressed in jeans and a Tee.  His comment – you have lost too much weight.  What I saw – he had gained almost as much as I lost – relatively speaking.

As Popeye sang: “And I yam what I yam what I yam and I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam ’cause I yam what I yam.“‘

Got a light workout in this morning – cut short by doing something not so good to my elbow.  Rest and Aleve.  I did not push through the pain since I will be working with my wife this afternoon walking her around the hospital.

The Physical Therapist gave me lessons on how to walk with her.  I needed the training for her safety.  She is re-learning to walk using a walker.  It is sooo arduous.

Some of the other functional exercises she had been doing are echos of those I have been doing at the gym and in life to assure continued independence.  We can not ignore functional strength.  Mirror Muscles are great but they do nothing to get you out of a chair. 

I am taking the computer to the hospital along with the NROL for Life.  I need to put together a program for the up coming 52DC.  One that is time efficient.

Meanwhile – we walk and walk and walk around the halls – singing “These boots are made for walking …”