Did a short RT workout this morning.  Still babying the right elbow.  Getting better but just don’t want to mess it up.  I want to be able to start the summer 52DC with full function.  It starts next Wednesday.

I warmed up with a 100 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50  Decline Push-ups; then moved onto Mountain Climbers.  I do these using a BOSU – platform side up.  I grabed the two hand holds and started.  I usually do these in a slow and steady pace.  Today – I started to pick up speed and ended up moving my legs fast – surprise. 

Thinking back now – I realize that I did the Crunches – fast.  What is going on?

Cookies.  My wife gets packages of chocolates and cookies from the parade of visitors to her hospital room.  I take them home.  The Chocolates are on top of the China Cabinet – waiting for the next party.  The Cookies are in the Freezer.  The Cookies started to call my name – yep – I had one – well – more than one.  They are now in the garbage – still calling me. 

My workout was Cookie driven – nothing like a shot of fast acting carbs to power you up – and let you down.  My glycogen tank had been refilled with high-test.

Last evening, my wife showed off the product of her day’s Occupational Therapy session.  Here is a woman who has an undergraduate degree, a Masters and a Doctorate.  She proudly showed me the string of tiny beads on a pipe cleaner – formed into a bracelet she was wearing.   This showed her tremendous progress in recouping her fine motor control.  A Bitter Sweet moment.

She has progressed to the point that she is going to try using her razor.  She hates the electric one – but it bridged the gap.  I fear for her left underarm.