I know this is a bit off topic – but really – in today’s world – how effen stupid do you have to be?

I have had two separate situations where individuals I either know or know of have been caught soliciting sex with minors.  The first a Physician who was filmed on Date Line NBC’s ‘To Catch a Predator,” going after a 13-year-old girl.  That was in 2006.  Got the phone call from my SIL – screaming over the phone – “Turn on NBC – now – turn it on now – you are not gonna effen believe this!” 

Now – the owner of the IT company that I have been doing business with for some 10 years.  This is the company that maintains my computer system.  My business exists based upon that system functioning in top order. 

Having started my business when Xerox was a new company, I have learned the importance of paying for service.  Instant service.  Top quality service.

For 10+ years I have hitched my wagon to this guy’s companies – ever-changing companies – different relationships – trust in the Man.

Then the news broke.  He was in jail.  He had been caught in a sex sting.  He went to meet up with the 14-year-old girl he had been exchanging highly explicit sexual come-on’s with.  Really – 51 years old and you have to solicit a 14-year-old.  WTF.  You are a married guy with children (not for long).

It is not as if the sting concept was hidden from the public view.  The local paper – that this idiot reads – had a big story on this type of sting with a picture of the 55-year-old Sheriff and his computer.  It laid out in detail how the traps were set.  The police guy even read teen romance novels to sound more accurate.  Everyone saw that article.

Now – what do I do?  He is the owner of the company.  He is the person that everyone trusted.  He is the guy I relied on.

It has not been an easy week.  I immediately spoke with an alternative vendor, who came in and did an emergency assessment of how to lock him out.  After all – was he communicating with this “child” through my computer?  Then came the PR email announcement from the company – he was locked out of the systems and he had turned over control of the company to his top person.  Some level of confidence was restored.  Then I got the phone call from him concerning our contract.  I did not take the call.  What it told me was that he was NOT out of the picture.  I called the company – got BS on top of BS.

I interviewed a second company.  Did not feel they could do the emergency lock out.  Called the first guy – told him – this is a “Code Red” alert – get your arse in here and protect me.  Lock the other guy out – fast. 

We have been doing that since Tuesday afternoon – on top of dealing with my wife in the re-hab hospital and running a business.  Stayed late this evening as he finished the job.  Felt guilty that my wife was alone.

When I got to the hospital – there was a party going on.  Six friends had dropped by and were all having a good time with her in the lounge.  Guilt assuaged.  They even brought me dinner – a tray of cookies.

How much more garbage does life want to dump on top of my head?  Oh – wait – while I was helping my wife prepare for bed this evening – I got a call from the facility my 95 yo mother is at.  Stomach turning FEAR overwhelmed me. They just wanted to tell me that she had an unexplained cut that had been bandaged.  I hate Cell Phones.

Tomorrow morning I go for “training” on how to get my wife in and out of a car and up and down a couple of stairs.  It is a holiday weekend and I want to take her out.  She wants to go out.  Hopefully – this will be a less stressful time.  Most importantly – she needs a manicure.

Have a great holiday.