If you have been following this Blog – even intermittently – you know that I am a big fan of functional exercises.  Watching my wife go through rehabilitation therapy has reinforced that opinion. 

Think about it.  What is the one basic move that you do all day – day in and day out.  You squat.  What – you deny the reality!  How do you take a dump?  How do you sit down – especially into a low seat?  How do you tie your shoes?  What – you bend at the waist – watch that back.  How do you pick up something from the floor? 

Get up from your chair without holding onto the arms or the table.  Everyone holds onto the arms or the table.  Why – they are weak.  Squat.  Gain strength.  Do simple body weight squats.  Make sure you keep aiming for the deepest squat you can.  Add weight.  Doesn’t have to be the classic – on the shoulder – squat.  Get a Hex Bar.  Do a Hack Squat.

My wife – with one very weak leg – held a foam roller cut to shoulder width – between her palms and out stretched.  Then she had to get up from a seated position.  Can you do that?  Yes it is easy from a full height chair.  What about from the couch?

Can you walk up and down a flight of stairs without holding onto the railing?  Strength and Balance.  Hold your body in a tight upright posture and walk up the stairs without holding on.  Yeah – you.  What – your balance “ain’t” so good.

If we are to remain healthy and fit – we need to forgo the mirror muscles and concentrate on the functional muscles.  What I am learning is that the exercises that I chose not to do – are the ones I should have been doing.  To a large extent, that is what the new NROL for Life is all about.

Squat for your Life.