Are you a weekend warrior?  Is your sole physical activity – the weekend game? 

What do you do during the rest of the week – sit at a desk, sit in the car or train or bus commuting, sit on the couch and watch the game or play Video games?   Are your most used muscles in your thumbs?

Chances are that if you do go to the gym, then you are doing cardio with limited resistance training – well maybe some of the mirror muscles so you look Buff at the beach.

This holiday weekend has gotten me to re-focus on the exercises that I do, and not just the ones that will keep me moving as I age but the ones that will get me through life’s adventures.

There are no therapy sessions on the weekend and this is a 3 day weekend.  We could not let my wife languish in the hospital doing nothing but sitting in the wheelchair.  Other plans had to be made. 

In order to get a “Day Pass,” I had to be trained to assist my wife in a multitude of environments, including getting up stairs – be they one stair or multiple.  I had to know how to assist her in walking with a walker.

I also had to know how to fold and unfold the wheelchair.  What they did not teach me, was how to lift the blasted thing and put it into the trunk of the car.  That is not an easy trick.  The damnable thing is heavy and bulky. 

Those Dead Lifts and Squats with a Hex Bar along with Bent over rows, et al. paid off big time.  Can’t forget the core work and those exercises that had me twist and turn. 

I’m a 68 yo guy who has to be able to lift and swing a heavy wheelchair in and out of the trunk or rear of a car.  Can you do that?  Or can you just run or peddle fast?

I know this – if I were the same guy I was 5 years ago: 80 pounds heavier and not having exercised in some 20 years, I would have been in the hospital with a Heart Attack or laid up with a bad back from the work I’ve been doing the last couple of days.

None of what I am doing to assist my wife would have benefited from being a Cardio Guy – spending endless hours on the machines running and peddling and sliding along.  Reality – I am walking very slow by her side or pushing her wheelchair up inclines – I never knew existed.

I workout almost daily and alternate days between Resistance and Cardio training days.  During the last 52DC, I did a variation on Burpees for my cardio.  Squat, thrust, push-up, return and stand – repeat immediately.  Do a set of those and then a set of Chin-ups.  Keep alternating until you have done at least 60 of each.  Not everyone – can hit the gym almost daily, which is probably the reason the NROL 4 Life has 10 minutes of “cardio” at the end of each workout.

Think about it.  Is your exercise program preparing you for the unexpected things that life holds?

PS: I am not anti-cardio.  I am anti-cardio as the only form of exercise.  You know who you are.