Tomorrow starts the summer 52DC.  I will be doing Workout B of the very first phase of NROL 4 Life.  So far -not all that impressed.  I will have more comments after I play this out for a couple of workouts.

I was standing in line at the Post Office – yeah – snail mail – It does have some value when you have to ship something to a PO Box.  UPS and Fed Ex can’t do that.  Back to standing in line.  Behind me was a guy with a – maybe – 6 month old cute kid on his arm.  I looked at the kids curly locks and Dad’s bald head and saw Sonny Boy’s future.  Dad was fumbling with his cell phone and the mail and bits and pieces of stuff.  A letter hit the floor.  I went to get it.  He said – I’ve got it – and -squated – balancing the kid on his right arm while  retrieving the envelope.  One swift movement.

I was impressed.  He squated and balanced without a problem.  Then he turned to me and said “thank you – Sir.”  Hate that.  Really hate being called Sir.  Might as well be called “Grand Pa.”  Bruce – I know just how you felt in RED. 

Bumped into one of the guys from the gym in his work environment.  I am usually not there – but we ended up going up the elevator together.  Nice guy.  BUT.  Up until last year – he was one muscled V-shaped unbelievable guy.  Today – he still has all the muscles – but he is carrying 30+ extra pounds on a short body.  His arms could not hang down against his body as he walked.  He has had some health problems.  Could not exercise and was taking meds that really worked against him.  He seems to be heading back in the right direction.  He also acknowledges that he drinks – huge amounts of beer.  When he was working out heavy – he worked it off.  Now – he knows that he has to give it up – and is trying.  I attempt not to get personal – but now and then I over hear stuff.  I think he is involved with AA.  Good for him.  Nice guy.

Early workout tomorrow.  Busy day – if it doesn’t rain – then I’ll go to my grandson’s moving up day at Nursery School.  Also – my wife may be switching facilities – gonna be a busy day.