I was originally not going to create a list of all the exercises for the NROL 4 Life.  It seemed like a mindless waste of time.  BUT – I did it.  Yes – it was mindless.  Perhaps not a waste of time.  You determine that.

I do not believe I am stepping on the authors’ copyright since they had published the list for distribution on their own site and on another one.  Those blank logs with exercise lists were just not easy to read or use.  What I will not do is explain each exercise.  For those explanations – buy the book – or at least borrow it.

Since the RAMP exercises are always the same and are designed to be a dynamic warm-up prior to all workouts, I included that chart in PDF format along with the Blank Logs which are ready for printing and writing in the exercises by pen.  You do remember how to write – in this digital age – I am not so sure. 😉

Here is the link to the List of Exercises.

I hope that these are useful and allow you to more efficiently utilize this program.

As always, your comments are appreciated.