I am not a guy who buys into the whole organic thing.  If we only raised things organically there would be food wars over the scarce food supplies.  You will not find me shopping at Whole Foods.

Having raised chickens, I am not a big believer in Free Range chickens, although there are some limits to the way caged chickens are kept – they are a food source and nothing more.

I am not now nor have I ever been a vegetarian. 

Having lived next to a mink farm, I understand that their sole worth on this dear earth is to adorn the human body.  What else do you do with a creature that eats its young.

PETA is not one of my charities. 

Hormones are hormones and their use in our food stock is not something that makes me happy.

My feelings do not mean that I agree with the way things are.  Our food industry could be a whole lot better controlled and provide us safer products. 

Every product we buy could be safer – be it food or not.

Having said all of that, I find myself in a bit of a conundrum.  Eating Low Carb has resulted in my eating clean.  For the most part, we do not eat highly processed food.  That does not mean that I would not eat a stack of Pringles; it just means that my usual eating pattern is plain unprocessed food.  A chunk of meat and a bunch of veggies, a wedge of cheese and a handful of nuts, eggs, cream and sour cream – what else do people eat?

BUT – yes – here comes the BUT – Having read way too many articles about Omega 6/3 ratios and the pervasive presence of soy products in our food supply, I have started buying eggs that are Omega 3 enriched.  We eat a lot of eggs, so this does have an impact on our Omega 3 intake. 

Then there is the Mayo thing.  We use a Sheeeeet Load of Mayo.  Seriously – we buy it by the large bottle from Costco.   We use it to make our own Coleslaw – to make Salmon and Tuna Salads – to make our own Russian and French Dressing – to make our own sauces for fish and  – on – and – on – and – on.   You can not find Mayo in the Supermarket that is not made from Soybean Oil.  At the most, there may be a mix with a minimal per cent of Olive Oil.  I tried making my own – what a mess – and it does not last.  It either had too much salt or too little.

I’ve already talked about Coconut Oil and it’s MCT content.  The value – it ups the production of Ketones.  I have started to integrate it into our diet.  Given how much I like the taste of butter, I will use a mix of both when I fry up eggs and similar items.  No question that it is a better alternative to any margarine that’s out there.

When I went to buy another EXPENSIVE bottle of Coconut Oil, I picked up an even MORE EXPENSIVE bottle of Mayo made from Canola Oil.  I intend to continue to use the regular Mayo, but interspersed with the Canola based Mayo.

What the hell is my world turning into?