My normal eating pattern has been upside down and backwards.   Every evening, I leave work and visit with my wife who is still at the Rehab facility.  She’s making nice progress – thank you for asking.   BUT – meal planning is a bitch – well – only if you want to continue eating Very Low Carb.

Breakfast – no problem.  I am at home and make myself my normal breakfast after going to the gym.  Normalcy reigns.

Lunch – just a small problem.  I try to brown bag it, but that means shopping for food and my time is limited.  I can’t assume that I am going to finish any of the fresh veggies and have thrown out one too many rotten tomatoes, etc.  Still – I am able to hold the line – thanks to the availability of Burgers served without the roll.

Dinner is the problem.  I have the Burgers for Lunch.  Where do I pick up something to bring over and eat with my wife? 

Pizza and Italian foods proliferate.  Chinese fast food is everywhere.  Deli’s are all over the place but other than sliced meats – you really can’t be sure of what is in their food.

I stopped at B&M in Park Ridge.  Good take out – Damnably expensive – not going back to that one.

Burger King is down the block from there.  Once a week – and only if I get a server who comprehends what “No Roll” means.  If I say “no bread” they can’t make the transition to “no roll.”  The last guy – when I said “no roll” – he made me repeat it and then said – “Oh – you mean – No Bread.”  Doh

Wings without a coating and without sauce are a treat every now and then – but you really can’t eat them more than once a week.  Pizza Hut has a pretty good bone-in Naked Wings.  I learned that you really need to call ahead – or you sit and wait 15-20 minutes for your order.  That “ain’t” fast food.

Boston Market has saved the day.   Their food is relatively clean and you have a couple of choices that allow you to eat a real Low Carb meal at a reasonable price  – even better since I get a Senior Discount.  Check out their Nutrition information.  Well Done.  Although it is not home-made – given my situation – it is the next best thing.  My usual order is 3 pieces of dark meat with steamed broccoli and creamed spinach – hold the corn bread.  I really like their Creamed Spinach. 

ETA: Last evening, I had the Brisket – not bad – Chicken is better.

There are other places – but they are off the road and that means I lose time with my wife. 

Everything in life comes with a trade-off.   I will not trade off gaining weight for easy take-out.