Our bodies are amazingly complex machines.  We just don’t know what is going to throw them out of whack.

My daughter lost probably as much weight as I lost, if not more – she’s not fessing up to the total.  The difference – she chose to do it on Weight Watchers but took it one step too far.  She eliminated most fats and protein.  I’ve commented here more than once that I hated her reliance on the WW highly processed low-fat high carbage.  When her energy level hit the floor, I got her to pick up her protein intake.  She finally modified her eating and eliminated all of the WW’s crap and has been eating more whole foods.  She still aims for low-fat.

Yesterday was her 40th birthday.  She spent it first in the ER and then the hospital.  Today she is having her Gall Bladder removed.  She has Gall Stones and a highly inflamed Gall Bladder.  The Doc made the decision to take it out and do it fast given the level of extreme pain.  I would love to fly out to the West Coast to be with her, but my wife is still in a re-hab facility.  Life is just not easy.

The Doctor told her that the cause of her Gall Stones was losing a significant amount of weight on a Very Low Fat diet.  I am VINDICATED.  He also added that it happens around the age of 40 – all she could do was laugh.

I just went on-line to do a little research and found the explanation.  Simply put, the liver produces bile and stores it in the Gall Bladder.  If you do not eat enough fats, the Gall Bladder does not empty and eventually you end up with stones.  Who Knew? 

One more strike against Low Fat diets.  For a better explanation read this and pass the cream.