Love this morning’s headline in the Health section of Yahoo:  Study: Cake with Breakfast? You’ll Lose More Weight.

OK – I am in – I always felt that we should eat dessert first.  Every time I went to an all you can eat buffet – that is where I headed.  Love the concept.  Now I am vindicated.

Yeah – right.

The Study divided their two groups as follows:

Researchers at Tel Aviv University randomly assigned 200 adults to eat one of two diets, each with the same number of daily calories (1,600 for men and 1,400 for women). While one group ate just a low-calorie, low-carb breakfast such as protein-filled egg whites, the other included something sweet in their breakfast such as a doughnut, cookie, or cake.

Naturally, the dessert group was more successful in the long run because:

In the morning, the body’s metabolism is more active and better able to suppress ghrelin, the hunger hormone. The subjects who had sweets at breakfast felt less hungry, had fewer cravings, and were better able to follow their calorie requirements for the rest of the day.

Again – they define Low Carb as high protein – and low-fat.  No fat – no ability to feel sated.  No energy – no surprise at the results.

It is all in the definition.  This is one more study designed to achieve the results the researchers wanted to achieve.

Now – pass the cake.