I’ve joked that in retirement, I was going to be the Personal Trainer running the Silver Sneakers Fitness Classes for Senior Citizens.  I’ve even toyed with the idea of getting a Certification {probably an on-line – pay for it – one} as a Personal Trainer.

Today I joined Retro Fitness.  I have no desire to workout there but that is where my wife belongs.  No – I am not giving up my membership at the NYSC.  I am Doubling Up.  Memberships at two gyms that are – maybe 2 miles apart.

The Retro Fitness membership – is cheap – really – maybe $280.00 for the year.  The NYSC is just a bit more expensive – maybe $380.00 a year. 

Why – I am going to be my wife’s Personal Trainer until she is back doing it on her own.  The cost is cheaper than hiring a PT for her and I know more than most about what she should be doing. 

Once she starts with the new Physical & Occupational therapists, I will take some of my guidance from them.  But – I know my wife – and that translates into knowing what she can and can not do. 

I expect that as things get moving, my time there will be on a cardio machine next to hers.  This will end up being my CT time for the upcoming Fall 52DC.

PS: Now that she is home and I’m IN CONTROL – she is back to eating Low Carb.  The benefit – well – I had started to slip a bit – as the days wore on.  Not any more.