Today was Day 2 of taking my wife to Retro Fitness.  This is one interesting process. 

The young’ns at the front desk smiled and said have a good workout.  They ignored the fact that she limped in on my arm. 

We started with the Treadmill which she had used at the Rehab facility.  She needed assistance getting on the machine but could walk holding on at a slow speed for a solid 10 minutes.

We then moved around the various machines trying different ones out.  Some she could do – others – no way.  This was an experiment.

I found that I needed to work with her – giving constant directions and at times – doing the exercise with her so that she could do the Negative portion on her own.

I am putting all my hard-earned exercise knowledge to use in determining the how and what she will be doing. 

When we got back from the gym she walked down the hill which is our driveway and then back up – on my arm of course. 

On a practical level, she has been preparing meals, washing dishes and folding clothing. Walking up the stairs might as well be a stair climbing machine.  

This evening she walked down the drive way and used the garbage can as her rolling walker to get back up.

None of these exercise, stair climbing and walking outside are done on her own.  I am there.

She will sleep well tonight.