Today we started cleaning out our closet and dressers.  The impetus was to make the closet more easily usable by my wife.  Stuff got thrown out – not enough.  The biggest headway – books.  My wife is a reader of Romance Novels.  She polishes them off the way some people polish off a bag of chips.  She never throws them away since she will re-read a favorite book multiple times.  Not me – once and out.  {Truth Be Told – I will watch a favorite movie multiple times.}

We got rid of a mess of books and cleared away several shelves for clothing.    She has become a Kindle Addict – which makes me happy since we will no longer have piles of books all over the house.

I found a stack of pictures from a visit with my mother in Florida.  They are dated 5-30-2006.  My Mom looks vibrant.  Today she is in a facility and doesn’t know the world around her – sad.

I look ENORMOUS.  MONSTROUSLY BIG.  Wow!  No wonder these pictures were in the bottom of my draw.  I look like the poster boy for the Obesity Epidemic.

I started dieting on March 12, 2007 – a mere 10 months later.  I’ve posted my before pictures on this Blog.  I look at them and can’t believe what I was.  But these pictures – tell a different story.  I’m in clothing – excuse me – a tent formed into a shirt.  When you are standing with others – the comparison is even more striking.  I’m standing with my tiny mother who always watched her weight.  I look even bigger by comparison.

You can ignore the scale and avoid mirrors – but a picture says it all.  So – If you are thinking about losing weight – take pictures – not just alone but with others – in a natural setting.  You can take ones similar to what I took – they are important – but make sure you have the others.  BTW – not just digital – print them out – have them available to remind you why you started on this journey.

Then – one day – like me – you can stumble upon one of those old pictures and think to yourself – how dumb was I?