We went to see the new Batman last evening.  First time since my wife’s stroke that we had dinner out and then went to a 7:30 movie.  We’ve been limited to 1:30 afternoon shows.  Great movie – nice evening.  We did not get to sleep until 11:30pm – almost 2 hours later than usual.

My wife paid the price of a late nite out – she could not get up to go to the gym this morning and is lying in the other room half asleep at 5:10pm.  I got up and went to the NYSC for the first time in 2 weeks.  I did my Cardio Circuit – (need to get this done for the 52DC).  Not as intense as the dumbbell complexes suggested by McC in his August 12th comment:  Search “Youtube for Istvan Javorek’s Dumbell Complex #1. Works the whole body with just 2 dumbbells and as much as you can handle in sets.”  Check it out – thanks again to McC for the suggestion.

My program:

Warm up with 100 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 Decline Push-ups (25/15/10) – holding in the up position between sets as you would in a Plank.

Then do this circuit without rest between exercises – except for the time to get to the station.

  • 5 Full Hang Chin-ups with a slow return on the final one.
  • 12 Single Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell swings per arm.  Make sure you start from a squat position and power up with your legs.
  • 10 Cuban Presses.  These are for shoulder pre/rehab so go light and slow.
  • 20 Hanging leg raises – I hang from straps – that way my grip is not a limiting factor and I can focus on keeping my upper back tense.
  • 10+ Dips – I will get back to weighted dips – just need consistency.

Rinse and repeat – at least 2 – 3 sets.

Good workout.  It has a lot of hidden benefits other than just working up a sweat.

Tomorrow will be a regular RT day.  I will do the same workout as my wife but with some added fun.  All depends upon the time.  Gotta be an early day – so gotta be an early evening tonight.