Every report touting dieting success repeats the same mantra:  Eat at home and/or Brown Bag it.  Eating out – even in a “healthy” environment is a mine field.  Contrary to the Subway commercials – you can make some serious bad choices at Subway.

Pre Stroke Day – my wife and I worked together.  For the most part we ate breakfast at home.  Lunch was about 50/50 between bringing something or going out to eat.  Dinner – pretty much the same.  Weekends – almost always out to dinner.  Although I managed to maintain my weight – it was difficult and it would trend a bit higher now and then.

Post SD – she ate what ever slop the hospital or rehab facility served her.  I ate as I could.  Most of the time, I continued with breakfast at home but lunch went closer to 20/80 eating out.  Dinner was almost always out.  In the beginning, I was able to control what I ordered in the restaurants and fast food joints, but as time wore on and my resolve wore thin, I would slip – the corn muffin at Boston Market found its way into my stomach.  My weight trended higher.  Not by a lot – but if the trend had continued – I would have been in trouble.

As easy as it is to eat low carb in most restaurants and even fast food joints, eating the same food every single day – day in and day out – is boring and will screw up your resolve.  Again – apologies to Subway.

My wife has been home since July 27th – Post SD 87.  We eat breakfast at  home virtually every day – well except for Fridays – my BNI breakfast meeting – where I only eat a scoop of scrambled eggs and a couple of strips of bacon.  Luckily, I live close enough to my office that I can go home for lunch.   I am able to go home 4 out of 5 days and we try to eat lunch at home on the weekends but that is about 50/50.  Dinner during the weekdays is almost always at home – weekends – we try to get out – but we also try to limit it to one dinner out. 

The results – In the 18 days since she’s come home, we’ve each dropped about 4 pounds without really trying. 

Have we saved money – yes – but we are not trying to low ball the food budget. 

The key:  Make sure your home is stocked with the right foods so that you can make a quick healthy dinner – and – don’t have the wrong foods in the house. 

We try to buy fresh – but that is not always possible.  I stock up on the frozen bags of veggies.  The chopped frozen onions are great.  Fresh veggies are more difficult – especially if you don’t have the time to hit the stores twice in one week.  But – we do load up on them – and get in as much as we can.

Although we are Low Carbers – the concept of eating at home or brown bagging it – works for everyone and every diet. 

You just need to Plan.  As the old Proverb says:  Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

Eat well.