Yesterday was our 45th wedding anniversary.  It was also Monday – and a busy day.

I headed for the NYSC gym in the morning and got in a solid RT – happiness.  My wife slept late since she was going to have 3 hours of therapy in the afternoon.  I headed into NYC for a meeting all the way down on Wall St.  Painful drive.  Painful parking.  A 2 hour business meeting took 5 hours without any lunch.  My blasted GPS could not find a satellite.  I fumbled my way around until I accidentally headed on a highway in the right direction – lucky.   Just made it back 15 minutes past my wife’s pickup time.  How the hell do people do that commute every day.  I could not do it.  Glad we made the decision to choose the life we did.

We headed home.  I changed out of a suit into something more relaxed.  She changed out of workout clothes into something more appropriate.  Went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner.  Treated ourselves to a Chocolate Martini and a bit of bread, otherwise the meal was almost OK not great – but OK.  Went home and had the remainder of the Low Carb ice cream she made for Saturday night.  Wonderful.

45 years and that was our celebration.  That she could be out and about was all that mattered.

My daughter asked if were wanted to renew our Vows.  I asked if they wore out.  I thought they had a lifetime warranty.  45 years and they are still going strong.