With my inability to do my usual structured workout, I’ve had to come up with some variations.  I have not given up on my 52DC goals.

This morning I did my usual 100 Swiss Ball crunches.  Instead of doing the decline push-ups as usual, I did them with my hands on the platform side of a BOSU platform – ball side down.  This adds significant instability but still allowing a firm grip. First set 25 – and then hold in an up position for 30 seconds as if doing a plank – but again – instability adds a component.  Second set 15 – and hold in a plank.  Third set 10 – and hold in a plank.  Between sets – I did Single Arm Kettlebell Swings.  Then went to the weights.

I needed to get a pliers from the front desk to use one of the bars for a dead lift – someone jammed a broken collar onto the bar.  Sad.  Gave the kid back the pliers and the broken collar.  Alternated dead lifts with sets of DB bench presses at 45 degree angle.  Finished with a Farmer’s walk carrying two 45 pound plates around the periphery of the gym.  I expected to stop and get my wife at the treadmill – not there – she was waiting for me at the free weights.  I no longer have to stop half way around and rest.

My wife managed to walk on the treadmill for a good portion of the 20 minutes without holding on.  Progress.  She is definitely walking more assuredly.  The Statin holiday may be working – too early to tell.

She used the abductor and adductor machines.

We went out for breakfast – Nice morning and it was just 9:00am.