Anyone who exercises and carries a decent amount of muscle looks with scorn on the BMI.  After all, I am carrying a greater amount of muscle than the average Joe – not fat.  So leave me alone.  Many claim that it does not matter if it is fat or muscle – too much weight is a strain on the body.

Well the eggheads have come up with a new measurement to drive us crazy.  This one supposedly takes into account your body shape and amount of fat accumulating around your waist.  Here is the Link to the Article.  This new ABSI measurement will predict your risk of dying: “people with the highest ABSI scores had more than twice the average risk of dying over the next five years, compared to those with the lowest.”

The article has links to the underlying data as well as an ABSI Calculator.  Now you have one more calculator to drive you nuts.

BTW:  I got a 20% chance of living longer – I’ll drink to that.